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Limited collection, endless luxury and variety

It takes time and effort to find a hotel that meets your standards, sometimes this results in losing focus on what you were initially looking for. At UrbanBooker we know your standards & needs and on top of all we already bargained the best rates for you.

The perfect hotel

We take away your endless hours of surfing the web, looking for a fantastic place that embodies your idea of the perfect urban vacation or break. We composed the collection that offers everything you‘ve been looking for. What about a Michelin star restaurant in your hotel or your private rooftop terrace with jacuzzi. We have seen it all and we like to share these secret places with you.

Insider access

Because you are a beloved member of UrbanBooker we offer you exclusive UrbanBooker rates. These are deals we made with our hoteliers and are exclusive for UrbanBooker members only. Watch out though because these offers will not last forever.

Carefully selected, professionally tested

You probably would not suggest a hotel that you never been to yourself to a friend or you have a really reliable source that knows your standards! UrbanBooker visits its own hotel-collection just to make sure it will meet your standards. We test the things that matter, from a professional point of view. We eat your food, sleep in your bed, use your pool, eat you dinner and more... Just to make sure you will love it.

Our other brands

  • AzureBooker, specialized in the best hotels along the worlds' most breathtaking coastlines & islands. From the elegant French Riviera to island hopping in Indonesia, AzureBooker offers you the best places to enjoy your well-deserved vacation or short break. Have a look... www.azurebooker.com

  • AlpineBooker is specialized in the best mountain hotels you can imagine. From a luxury boutique hotel in the pristine Alps to heli-skiing in Canada, AlpineBooker offers you the best places to enjoy your well-deserved vacation or short break. Have a look... www.alpinebooker.com

UrbanBooker is registered at Dutch Chamber of Commerce with number: 56688709

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