How can I contact UrbanBooker?

Please send us a message at our contact page or give us a call. Our phone number is shown at the bottom of this page.

What makes UrbanBooker different?

UrbanBooker is an independent online travel agent (OTA) that selects the finest city hotels around the globe. We carefully select and test all hotels ourselves. On top of this the hotel does not interfere with what we write about the hotel. All descriptions are written by us and written from a professional point of view as we are hotel experts that know what you like.

Is my payment safe?

Yes, all payments that we handle are processed over a secured connection. As soon as you open UrbanBooker you might notice a green coloured 'lock' icon in your browser bar's address field. A left mouse click on this lock icon shows a message informing you the connection is secured by Geotrust and all sent information is being encrypted.

Is my Booking guaranteed?

Yes, your booking is guaranteed and realtime. UrbanBooker simultaneously reserves your room when you finalize your booking by clicking on 'Confirm Booking'. We actually hold the room for you for 20 minutes when you have selected one as we would like to give you some time to get a coffee, your credit card or other requested information to be able to proceed with your booking. Once you have clicked on 'Confirm Booking' the room is yours and your card can be charged immediately or in some cases a deposit is reserved on your card. Some hotels do not require a immediate- or prepayment at all. We always advice you to carefully take notice of the deposit and cancellation policy. Your booking can be viewed after you have finished booking your hotel under the section 'My Bookings' in your account.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can unless you have chosen a room with a special rate. This is shown above the roomtype name described as 'Best available rate, cancellation not possible'. These are non refundable offers. Other rooms have a cancellation policy that is specified at the second step of the 2-steps booking process. The cancellation policy is always prescribed by the hotel and not adjustable in any way.

Do I need an account when I book?

Yes, but you do not need to register separately. As soon as you start booking we will create an account with the information you need to provide in order to make a successful booking. Please know we do not share any information about you with others in any way. Always be aware of people calling you and asking you for any payment information or passwords. UrbanBooker would never ask you for that kind of information during a phone call or per email.

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