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All places in Belgium

Why go to Belgium

Belgium s one of the smaller countries in Northern Europe but big in historical heritage en gastronomical spirit. This little Kingdom is divided in two main regions of which the North West part speaks Dutch (and English as second language) and the South East part speaks French. Belgium has outstanding restaurants and great shopping to offer.

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Why go to France

One of the most diverse countries on the European continent, famous for its outstanding beauty, culinary treasures and strong local identity. For many reasons France is one of the most beloved travel destinations in the world for those in search of elegance, superb shopping, top class gastronomy and mouthwatering wines.

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Why go to Germany

Because of Germany's turbulent history this country is filled with great diversity in architecture and local culture. Think of the many great structures in Berlin or the 'Bayern' architecture that Munich is known for. Unlike what many still think, Germany is hip and happening in many ways. Great shopping, excellent restaurants and cool bars & clubs are just a few many reasons to travel here.

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Why go to Italy

Italy owns an enormous treasure of the historic sites within its many romantic cities and it is not secret that Italy is worth a visit once in a while. Be inspired by the ancient Roman architecture, great artists and suburb gastronomic scene. Get lost in the small alleys and discover unique small shops.

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Why go to Netherlands

Welcome to the land of wooden shoes, tulips and cheese. Everything you might have heard is probably not true as The Netherlands is much more diverse than you probably think. Let yourself go and explore all greatness that this country has to offer, including the previous named stereotype things. The perfect starting point for this is the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

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All places in Russia

Why go to Russia

One of the biggest countries and divided over two continents. Therfore it is impossible to describe Russia in a couple of words. Let's try to take away the prejudices that Russia is always cold, dark and wet. Summers are warm and pleasant and the architecture can be breathtaking not to forget about the luscious art collections Russia owns.

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All places in Spain

Why go to Spain

Land of the good beach life, passionate chefs, strong traditions and the inevitable Flamenco. The best way to discover Spain is by travelling to different regions that all come with their own, climate, traditions and food.

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Why go to United Kingdom

As the British explored many parts of the world ever since, the country has a huge heritage in artefacts, tradition and architecture. The countries' main tourist hot spots like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and London itself are just one of the many reasons why you should book a luxury hotel here.