Why book with us

We have bargained best available rates for you.

This means we have a direct connection with every hotel and we have agreed on special rates for UrbanBooker. When a hotel is fully booked on several reselling platforms, chances are we still have some rooms left for you.

We only select & invite the best hotels to join.

Our editors are always on the lookout for cool, trending and stylish hotels and places while traveling the globe. As soon as we have done our professional research we invite a hotel to join us. The hotel has to commit to our standards to meet your expectations. once the hotel has entered our invitation only collection we visit and test it just to make sure everything is in order. the image you might have from a hotel therefore always matches reality.

All hotels are reviewed and/or tested by us.

We test every hotel within our collection meaning we eat your food, plunge your pool, sleep in your bed and more, just to make sure it matches your idea of a luxury and cool hotel experience.

We review from a professional point of view.

As we are well traveled hotel professionals that enjoy the finer things in life we know what to look for when it comes to a perfect hotel experience. We are allergic to the pre-historic 'penguin culture' of the grand hotels from the past century. UrbanBooker collects fresh, out of the ordinary, luxury getaways for the design conscious traveler.

All descriptions are written by us, we are 100% independent.

We write all descriptions without any interference from the hotel or anyone else. We never write bad things about our hotels, we just exclude them from our collection leaving you with only the best of the best. We do write things that we think you should know to make sure you make the right choice in hoteltype, location and roomtype. After all you can not return a bad travel experience!

We know what locals know.

During our hotel verification- and test program we also discover the entire neighborhood, spend at least one day like a local and even hang out with them. This insider information is key to have good image of what to expect and what to do when you are there.w

Why book with us

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